What Does Sent & Received And Delivered Mean In Snapchat

Snapchat is an intuitive social network that uses icons to describe statuses, various activities, and events. Once you know what each means, the platform is easy to use. The platform can be confusing until you understand each icon’s meaning. If you’re new to Snapchat, this tutorial will show you what sent, received, and delivered status icons mean in Snapchat.

Snapchat is enormous in a highly competitive space in the social media market, and it continues to grow and improve. Like other social media apps, Snapchat brings out new features, navigational changes, and even icons. So, what do the current sent, received, and delivered status icons mean in Snapchat? Here’s a detailed explanation of each one.

Snapchat uses icons in the Friends screen to help you quickly identify the status of a Snap or chat message.

What are the Sent Icons on Snapchat?

Snapchat has three icons to signify the status of a Snap or chat message you sent to a friend and a fourth for pending friend requests.

  • A “red bolt” addresses an effectively sent Snap without sound.
  • A “purple bolt” addresses an effectively sent Snap with sound.
  • A “blue bolt” addresses an effectively sent talk.

What are the Received Icons on Snapchat?

Received icons are squares and mean you have received one of three types of communication from a friend, including Snaps without audio, Snaps with audio, and Chat messages.

  • A “red square” signifies you have gotten a Snap or Snaps without sound.
  • A “purple square” signifies you have gotten a Snap or Snaps with sound.
  • A “blue square” signifies you have gotten a visit.

What are the Opened Icons on Snapchat?

  • Once your friend has viewed a Snap or chat, you should see the “opened icon” next to it. This is a hollow arrow in the same shape as the sent arrow.
  • An “empty red bolt” signifies your Snap without sound was opened.
  • An “empty purple bolt” signifies your Snap with sound was opened.
  • An “empty blue bolt” signifies your visit was opened.
  • An “empty green bolt” signifies your monetary reward was opened.

If you didn’t notice, the arrow icon colors remain the same for all statuses, except you also have a hollow green arrow for opened cash gifts. Therefore, it’s easier to remember that red is Snaps without audio, purple is Snaps with audio, and blue is Chats.

  • Solid bolts are for sent Snaps or visits.
  • Void bolts are for opened Snaps or visits.
  • Solid squares are for getting Snaps or visits.
  • Void squares are for opened Snaps or visits.

What are the Viewed Icons on Snapchat?

Once you have opened your Snap or chat, you should see the square icon change to a hollow one. This tells you the message has been read.

  • In an empty red square method, you have opened a Snap or Snaps without sound.
  • In an empty purple square method, you have opened a Snap or Snaps with sound.
  • An empty blue square method you have opened a visit.
  • An empty dim square method a Snap you were sent terminated.

What are the Screenshot Icons on Snapchat?

Screen capture symbols are alerts that somebody you sent a Snap or talk to has screenshotted it. This is normally fine as companions will need to keep some kind of thing around for longer, however on the off chance that you’re sharing things you don’t need to stay nearby longer than 24 hours, this advises you to be alert. The symbols seem to be two empty bolts with one over the other way.

  • A pair of crossed, hollow red arrows mean your Snap without audio was screenshotted.
  • A pair of crossed, hollow purple arrows means your Snap with audio was screenshotted.
  • A pair of crossed, hollow blue arrows means your chat was screenshotted.

What are the Replay Icons in Snapchat?

The last symbols to recollect whether you’re new to Snapchat are the replay symbols. This implies somebody has replayed a Snap you sent. The replay symbol is standard, a circle with a bolt tip pointing counterclockwise.

  • The red replay icon means your Snap without audio was replayed.
  • The purple replay icon means your Snap with audio was replayed.

All things considered, the sent, got, conveyed, saw, replayed, and screenshotted symbols are situations with distinguishing correspondence and activities on Snapchat better. They let you know what has befallen your Snap or talk and are exceptionally clear.

As a reference, you can screen the situation with any message you’ve sent on Snapchat by the symbols. In the event that you’re concerned somebody is disregarding your messages, watch out for the action markers inside the Snap or talk.


What if someone hasn’t opened my Snap yet?

Snapchat ought to require seconds to show you sent, got, or conveyed symbol on your Snap or visit. Your message/post goes from the application to the Snapchat server, delivering the sent status. The Snapchat server recognizes the Snap, furnishing you with the got symbol. It sends the Snap to the beneficiary, and once the application remembers it, you see the conveyed symbol.

Opening a Snap or talk is something else, which relies upon exercises by the beneficiary, for example, seeing the new Snap or in any event, opening the application. Numerous things can defer somebody opening a Snap, and you ought to remember that while sending them. Individuals will open their messages rapidly when they see them however won’t generally have the option to do that. Be patient, and don’t get restless when they don’t. Our lives are getting consistently more occupied, so persistence is some of the time fundamental while hanging tight for an answer.

Why is my Snapchat Snap pending?

At the point when you’ve sent a Snap or message, you might see a “Forthcoming” status. This can mean a couple of things since, supposing that it got conveyed, it would agree to convey, and assuming it was perused, it would agree that read.

You can look at the article on what forthcoming means in Snapchat for more data, however, the anticipating status fundamentally addresses that you got hindered or the other individual has shut their Snap account. The Snap or talk message was rarely in fact conveyed. There was a bad situation for it to go.

Do my unread Snaps expire?

Yes, all unread Snaps expire after a specific time. Due to the apps’ anonymity culture, even unread messages and snaps get deleted.

There are two separate time frames to keep in mind when considering unread Snaps:

If you send a message to a group of people, your message disappears in 24 hours.

If you send a message to only one user, the message disappears after 30 days.

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