Top 23 Best Notes App for Android

Note-taking is a significant piece of keeping yourself on target with a bustling timetable. At the point when you are in a gathering and are being showered with data, it tends to be hard to keep up without getting it on paper and making compact, straightforward notes. Express gratitude toward God, there are different applications accessible on the Google Play Store that can make life somewhat simpler for you. Assuming you also are thinking about what is the most famous note application that you can use on your Android gadget to move forward at your work, this is the right aide for you. We have thought of important rundown-making applications that will assist you with picking the best notes application for Android gadgets.

Best Notes App for Android

Following are the list of best Notes app for Android device.

1. Google Keep

One of the most famous note-taking applications for Android gadgets, Google Keep is an extraordinary device for making brief notes in a nitty gritty and coordinated way. The application is given as an in-constructed application on numerous Android applications. Coming up next are a portion of the significant highlights of the application.

  • Create text or handwritten notes.
  • Save notes in the form of photos, and voice notes.
  • Create a list of reminders.
  • Organize your notes by adding labels to them.

Often considered one of the best free note apps for Android, Google Keep is worth a try.

2. Microsoft OneNote

Another famous and simple note application for Android cell phones is Microsoft’s OneNote. The application has in excess of a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Coming up next are a portion of the significant highlights of the application.

  • Enables users to make notes in text, handwriting, and voice recording formats.
  • The app also provides an OCR scanner, which allows users to extract text from printed documents.
  • You can use features such as clipping from the web, inserting multimedia files, tagging or searching notes, drawing with your fingers, etc.

If Microsoft OneNote does not satisfy your requirements, continue reading to know what is the most popular note app.

3. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is another popular name among note-taking applications for Android devices. A rival of Microsoft’s OneNote, this application provides a unique experience with its interface, usability, and various features. Some of the key features of the app are given below.

  • You can save the notes to the cloud with Dropbox Paper.
  • You can make changes to your notes even when you are offline.
  • You can share notes with others.
  • You can even collaborate with other users.
  • Other features include organizing folders, checklists, due dates, annotations, and comments.
  • Notes can be integrated with other applications such as Calendar.

4. Obsidian

Obsidian is an application that has been around for quite a while now and has serious areas of strength among Android clients. Utilizing the application is simple with a versatile connection point, which makes it one of the best free notes applications for Android. Coming up next is a portion of the key elements.

  • The markdown feature helps format notes and access them in other applications.
  • The toolbar feature can also be used to format notes.
  • Other features in the app include a tabbed interface, backlinks, and a graph view.

Obsidian is one of the easy note apps for Android that you should try to get the best experience.

5. Notesnook

Assuming that you are worried about safeguarding your information and protection, Notesnook is one of best notes applications for Android. The application permits clients to pick the degree of assurance, and your notes are safely locked when you close the application. We should take a gander at a portion of the highlights of the application.

  • Notesnook saves your encrypted notes on your device.
  • Allows users to organize notes with tags, notebooks, and favorites.
  • Notes reminders and text notes are provided with the premium version of the application.

If Notesnook doesn’t work for you, keep reading to know what is the most popular note app for Android.

6. FiiNote

FiiNote is a less famous option in contrast to Microsoft’s OneNote. Albeit the application is less known than others referenced in this rundown, it certainly is successful. FiiNote gives multipurpose answers for clients and is quite possibly of the best note making applications that are accessible today. Coming up next are a portion of the one-of-a-kind highlights of this application.

  • Supports typed and handwritten notes.
  • The app includes a calendar, multimedia attachments, audio recording, extensive organization, an infinite canvas, note templates, and revision history.

7. Bundled Notes

Packaged Notes is a strong application that furnishes you with countless choices and elements to look over. The application works around groups that work as journals. How about we take a gander at a portion of the elements of the multipurpose application that make it one of best free notes applications for Android?

  • Bundles work as notebooks and contain notes, lists of projects, watchlists, and tutorials.
  • The application supports Markdown, which helps you organize, making Bundle Notes an easy note app for Android.
  • The application allows you to attach images and files and pin notes to notifications.
  • Users are provided with tags and filters to organize notes in the app.
  • Users can customize the application interface.

8. Simplenote

Simplenote is one of the most lightweight and best notes application for Android. The application is extremely easy to utilize and doesn’t overpower you with a few superfluous elements. A portion of the critical highlights of Simplenotes is referenced here.

  • Simplenote provides basic features such as note tags, backups, synchronization, and note sharing with a free account.
  • Simple notes provide a quick and efficient note-making experience.

9. Squid

Assuming that you are as yet thinking about what is the most famous note application, Squid might be your response. Squid is a vector-based note-production application accessible to Android clients. The application utilizes a functioning pen, pointer, or the client’s fingers to compose and make notes. Coming up next is a portion of the vital elements of the application.

  • Allows users to draw or write notes with their fingers rather than a keyboard.
  • The Pro version of the application allows users to import PDF files, mark them, and save them.
  • With Squid, you can cast your notes onto Chromecast or a TV.
  • Other features include infinite paper sizes and vector-based strokes.

10. BlackNote

Worked with a negligible point of interaction BlackNote is one of the most incredible free notes applications for Android. The capabilities of the application are not difficult to follow and utilize. A portion of the highlights that make it a simple note application for Android is referenced here.

  • Allows users to organize notes, create to-do lists, use widgets, etc.
  • Users can lock the application to protect private or important notes.
  • Allows you to mark notes as your favorites.
  • The paid version of the app provides you with an ad-free note-taking experience.

11. ColorNote

A comparable yet less popular application to research Keep, ColorNote is one of the most outstanding choices to find out about’s applications for Android. Coming up next is a portion of the cool highlights given by this application.

  • Gives you access to widgets for note editing.
  • Provides you with shortcut widgets that can open specific notes for you.
  • Supports lined and checklist notes.

12. Evernote

Likely one of the most unmistakable note-taking applications, Evernote is a confided-in name in its specialty and is in many cases considered one of the best note applications for Android. Probably the most helpful elements of the application are referenced here.

  • Allows users to create a note from the notification bar without even opening the application.
  • Webclipper allows you to save webpages by sharing them on Evernote.
  • You can protect your notes by setting a passcode.
  • You can invite friends and collaborators.
  • Allows you to take pictures and save them.
  • Provides several format options for text notes, and voice notes.

13. Standard Notes

Standard Notes is one more significant apparatus to make secure and confidential notes. The application focuses on the client’s security. Alongside this, the application likewise has a few incredible highlights for note-taking, as examined beneath.

  • The free plan of Standard Notes includes features such as cross-platform syncing, an offline function, a passcode feature, tag organization, and unlimited device support.
  • If you upgrade to the professional version of the app, you can access features such as text formatting, task management, note revision history, and better organization through nested folders.

14. Nimbus Notes

Glow Notes is a multipurpose application that is furnished with countless elements to convey the best client experience. Clients can get to the accompanying elements through the application.

  • The application provides users with a text editor, markdown support, photos, videos, PDF attachments, a web clipper, and a built-in scanner.
  • The application also allows you to create multiple workspaces.

15. Notion

Another of the best free note applications for Android is Idea. The Idea is a famous getting sorted out an instrument that is accessible for the web, Windows operating system, Macintosh operating system, and Android. The idea permits clients to arrange their own proficient tasks. The application can likewise be utilized as a note-production stage. Coming up next are a portion of the critical highlights of the application.

  • A user can add tables and organize the calendar, timeline, list, and board views to manage their data.
  • The application is also provided with a rich template library.
  • Create multiple workspaces and share your business workspace with other members of your team.

16. UpNote

UpNote is quite possibly of the best note-taking applications on Android. The application gives you different elements to make exact and successful notes for your own proficient undertakings. A portion of the critical highlights of the application is referenced here.

  • The application gives you access to create and update dates, word counts, tables of content, etc.
  • Allows you to use a notebook and tags to organize notes.
  • Allows exporting notes in several formats, such as text, PDF, and HTML.

17. Notepad Free

One of the greatest evaluated note-taking applications on Android, Scratch pad Free is additionally quite possibly of the most direct application on this rundown. The application’s only intention is to make brief and powerful notes and that’s it. The application doesn’t besiege you with extravagant highlights yet rather conveys what it guarantees. On the off chance that you want just a note-taking stage, Scratch pad Free is the most ideal application for you.

18. WorkFlowy

Another straightforward and compelling application, the WorkFlowy application permits you to make notes and gives you an incredible stage to structure your thoughts. A portion of the significant elements of the application is referenced here.

  • The features in the application include transparent lists with subitems, titles, and a description in the lists.
  • You can also add hashtags and mentions.

19. ClearNote

Made by a similar maker as BlackNote, ClearNote gives you a comparative encounter. Notwithstanding, the application is made more alive by acquainting varieties and subjects with the connection point. You can utilize the ClearNote bar to get to the ClearNote application, YouTube, Camera, Watch, Number cruncher, and Web Search.

20. Notes

As the name recommends, Notes permits you to make notes on your telephone. The application is very lightweight and is truly outstanding in its specialty.

  • Users can add a title, create a bullet list and checklist, adjust the font and color, and add photos to the application.
  • You can also organize notebooks for more transparency.
  • You can sync the application with other devices and create a backup for your data.

21. WeNote

WeNote is also a useful application for Android users, with several unique and useful features. The following are some of the key features of the application.

  • The application allows you to access all the basic features, such as creating color notes, to-do lists, reminders, and calendars.
  • The application can be used to store emails, phone numbers, messages, diary entries, journals, shopping lists, and to-do lists.
  • You can use tags to organize the application’s content.

22. Notebook by Zoho

The way that this application was granted the Supervisor’s Decision tag says a lot about its true capacity. Scratch pad by Zoho is one of the most outstanding applications to arrange and make notes on your Android. Coming up next are probably the best highlights of the application.

  • Typographic features in the application allow you to organize and customize texts.
  • You can add colors to your note cards.
  • You can use fingerprint sensors to lock or unlock your notes.
  • Export and share notes in PDF format.
  • Move or copy your notes between different notebooks.
  • Mark a note as a favorite.
  • The app allows you to set reminders.
  • You can sync data across devices.
  • The web clipper tool allows you to clip texts, images, or links.

23. ProofHub

Another of the best free note applications for Android is ProofHub. It is an across-the-board authoritative instrument for Android clients. The application is well-known among clients and can assist you with different errands. The notes area in the application is imparted to all colleagues for speedy info. Coming up next are probably the best highlights of the application.

  • The application provides you with the ability to add different headings, fonts, bullet points, and numberings, to help you create concise notes for your team.
  • The application allows you to create different notebooks to save subject-specific information.

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