The Best MIUI Themes

While customizing your Xiaomi gadget, there are a few MIUI topic choices. These topics can change the presence of the home screen, lock screen, and different pieces of the UI. Be that as it may, with such countless choices, it is trying to limit your decisions.

This article can help you save time by highlighting the best MIUI themes, including key features.

7 Best MIUI Themes for Your Xiaomi Device

The accompanying MIUI topics offer probably the best highlights, including engaging plans, adaptable elements, smooth exhibitions, and recognizable and natural connection points, and that’s just the beginning.

1. AOSP Extended Theme

AOSP Broadened is a well-known custom subject in view of the Android Open Source Venture. It offers a smooth client experience, lots of customization choices, and is perhaps the most steady decision.

If you love dark themes, this one may be the one for you. It has round icons with black and dark grey as its predominant colors. Some of the key features of AOSP Extended include:

  • Theme support
  • Status bar, navigation bar, and lock screen customization options
  • Built-in support for substratum and layers themes
  • Performance and battery optimization tweaks
  • Regular updates and bug fixes
  • Support for various languages

The AOSP Extended theme is designed by Deepak. It is suitable for MIUI 10 devices. You can search for this theme on the Theme store and download it there. You can also download it from here.

2. Pixel Q Light Theme

Made by Fardus Ahmed, Pixel Q Light has a light variety plot. The subject changes the shades of the UI, including the foundation, text, and symbols, to make an all the more outwardly satisfying and good-looking experience. Pixel Q Light might be an ideal decision on the off chance that you’re searching for a lightweight subject that won’t dial back your gadget.

The theme offers some key features such as:

  • A clean and minimalistic design
  • Customizable icons and system elements
  • Material designed icons
  • The light and vibrant user interface in classic Google style

Pixel Q Light theme is applicable for MIUI 10 operating systems. This theme can be downloaded for free.

3. PineApple Theme

This subject, which is planned by Rahit Singh Chouhan, highlights a pineapple-roused plan, with a yellow and green variety plan and pineapple-themed symbols and backdrops. It likewise incorporates custom liveliness and other visual components to give the UI an exceptional look and feel.

If you’re seeking MIUI themes that can offer your gadget a completely new design and improve the entire layout, PineApple is a great option. Here are some of its key features:

  • Clean layout and smooth performance
  • Flawlessly crafted interface
  • Stylish always-on display
  • Customization for the home screen and lock screen
  • Various designs for icon personalization
  • A minimalistic dock
  • Android 9 Pie-style quick settings toggles
  • Pineapple-inspired animations

The pineapple theme is compatible with devices running MIUI 12. You can download it from the Theme store.

4. Oxygen OS Theme

The oxygen operating system offers an outwardly engaging plan for Xiaomi Redmi gadgets. It includes a smooth and coordinated design, a refreshed UI, and other alluring highlights. The topic incorporates eye-getting symbols, a gorgeous warning board, and another status bar.

In addition, Oxygen OS has a consistent layout across MUI apps such as Phone, Messages, Volume panels, File Manager and Contacts, which gives it a premium feel.

Here are some of the key features of Oxygen OS:

  • Premium-looking design
  • Custom themed widgets
  • Aesthetically appealing round app icons
  • Indispensible app locker
  • Zen (focus) mode enabled

This theme is designed by Fardus Ahmed and can be applied to MIUI 12 devices. You can search for Oxygen OS on the Theme store and download it for free.

5. Pure Pro Theme

Planned by Peculiarity, Unadulterated Expert gives clients a more cleaned and proficient search for their gadgets. It has a spotless and moderate plan with a white and blue variety plot, making it look smooth and contemporary.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Custom matching icons
  • Matching lock screen and home screen
  • Theme-appropriate sounds and fonts
  • Adjustable status bar
  • Customizable settings menu
  • User-friendly notification shade

Pure Pro theme is compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 devices.

You can download Pure Pro’s .mtz file here.

6. Lavender v11 Theme

Lavender v11 subject has a new and sightly plan that will effectively dazzle its client. The format looks slick and cleaned all through the gadget, with shocking symbols and a redid warning board, and a new status bar. Those highlights mix so well with the sensitive and enchanting purple foundation.

The key features of the Lavender v11 theme include:

  • Purple and white color scheme
  • Customized icons and lock screen
  • New layout for the settings menu
  • New design for the notification bar and quick settings
  • Customized buttons and menus

Xhaka Ciruas is the designer of the Lavender v11 theme. This theme is applicable to devices running MIUI 11 and MIUI 10. You can download it for free on the Themes store.

7. Material UI-IG M13 Theme

The Material UI-IG M13 topic has a perfect and ravishing plan, with a mix of varieties that is outwardly satisfying. Its straightforward and cleaned-up design makes it more agreeable to utilize. It likewise incorporates custom symbols that supplement the general topic and improve the appearance and client experience.

The theme can run smoothly on a variety of MIUI devices without showing any compatibility issues. it’s a great theme for your Xiaomi Redmi and Poco devices.

These are some of the pivotal features of Material UI-IG M13:

  • New, well-designed icons
  • Fresh wallpapers
  • New status bar
  • Beautiful lock screen
  • Stylish always-on display

Material UI-IG M13 theme is created by EduardG. It is compatible with MIUI 12, MIUI 12.5, and MIUI 13 devices. You can download the theme online here.


Does an MIUI theme drain the battery?

The impact of a subject on battery duration might differ relying on the topic and gadget. As a general rule, a subject that has a weighty liveliness and utilizes a ton of framework assets can essentially affect battery duration contrasted with a less difficult topic.

Do MIUI themes make your phone run slower?

A gadget’s presentation or battery duration won’t be influenced by its default subject as it has been explicitly intended for the gadget. Notwithstanding, applying outsider subjects that require more space and energy to run might influence the handling rate of your gadget.

What are the factors that make your phone runs slower?

Normal factors that might bring about more slow telephone execution incorporate programming refreshes, and corrupting battery and memory. Application refreshes and applications that actually run behind the scenes can likewise sluggish your telephone.

The Final Say Is Yours

What works for others may not necessarily in every case work for you. In spite of being considered awesome, you should cautiously consider on the off chance that the related subject is viable with your gadget and the adaptation of MIUI you are utilizing. Ensure you likewise pick a subject that has been enhanced for execution to guarantee that your gadget moves along as expected.

To completely pursue an educated choice, research the ideal subject. It might include perusing client audits and checking whether there are any known bugs or issues. Moreover, you can peruse the authority Xiaomi Subjects Store to track down the best and most recent topics.

Which MIUI subject do you like the most? Have you at any point experienced a similarity issue with MIUI topics? Let us know in the remark beneath.

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