How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord

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Friction is a correspondence stage that is planned particularly for gamers. Here gamers can interface with one another through sound/video calls, sharing screens, instant messages, and live streaming. The conflict has many elements, yet in this article, we will discuss how to set a custom playing status on Strife. This component is utilized to set a custom status, and by utilizing this element, the clients can share the situation they’re presently playing with their crowd. Besides, you will find out about the means on the most proficient method to set custom game status Endlessly disagreement playing status entertaining.

How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord

This article centers around how to set a custom playing status on Conflict. Setting the custom status on Conflict is extremely simple as everything revolves around individual inclination. There are many Disagreement playing status interesting that can be utilized by the decorations to make their crowds giggle. This article likewise contains an extensive rundown of those interesting Conflict Custom situations with. The disagreement custom playing status can be added and eliminated per the client’s decision.

What is the Discord Playing Status Funny?

Individuals utilize custom game status Friction to advise their crowd when they are away from the PC or when they’re occupied. Some channel proprietors foster funny ways of utilizing the status component to make their crowd giggle. Here is an extensive rundown of strife situations with will assist you with making your crowd snicker and will assist you with standing apart from the group.

If you want to share funny statuses with your audience, you can use the following list.

  • Showing my canine how to do a stand-up parody.
  • Here to pursue horrible jokes and incredible choices.
  • Rehearsing my best ‘I can’t look here.
  • Attempting to help my hamster to play poker.
  • Here to go with improper jokes and unseemly choices.
  • Right now in preparing to turn into an expert slacker.
  • Presently in preparing to turn into an expert habitually lazy person.
  • Here to spread bliss and confusion in equivalent measure.
  • Attempting to show my parrot how to present Shakespeare.
  • Rehearsing my best mocking eye roll.
  • Here to go with horrible jokes and awful choices.
  • Helping my turtle to do parkour.
  • 90% of the time I’m correct, that is the reason I don’t stress over the other 3%.
  • I’ll be back in a short time. In the event that not, read this once more.
  • I’d barbecue your cheddar – me while being a tease.
  • Math and liquor don’t blend. Kindly don’t drive under the influence.
  • There’s this waste of time I trust called myself.
  • At the point when life gives you lemons you can toss them at somebody!
  • Not apathetic simply in energy-saving mode.
  • Not dawdling, simply consuming most of the day to sit idle.
  • Not being oblivious, simply attempting to zero in on my inward harmony.
  • Here to make terrible plays on words and irritate individuals.
  • Helping my goldfish to play chess.
  • Before Covid, I’d hack to cover a fart. Presently I fart to cover a hack. (One of the most incredible ones to set custom playing status on Strife!)
  • Figuring out how to moonwalk, wish me, karma folks.
  • Here only for the free tidbits.
  • Persuading my canine that I’m the supervisor here.
  • During the time spent turning into a human burrito.
  • Attempting to help my feline go about my business.
  • Presently on a journey to track down the ideal mug of espresso
  • Not exactly here, I’m simply a fabrication of your creative mind.
  • As of now during the time spent transforming into a potato.
  • At the point when your Dr. says, “I’ll have to research that, “… you ought to know that now is the ideal time to change the specialist.
  • Bigfoot saw me yesterday, yet no one trusts him.
  • Having a quarantine party at the end of the week. I’m not welcoming anybody.
  • 75% of health nuts don’t realize that their rec center is shut.
  • Time is valuable. You ought to squander it admirably.
  • I’ll clearly be back before you can articulate actillimandataquerin altosapaoyabayadoondib! (One more best one to set a custom playing status on Strife)
  • Savvy individuals like me don’t utilize away messages… I am so brilliant.
  • No one is awesome. I’m no one. Thusly, I’m great.
  • Why do individuals utilize away the messages? They’re truly moronic.
  • Not juvenile; I simply know how to have a good time.
  • Being wise is straightforward. Consider something inept to say and afterward don’t say it.
  • Never mess up the same way yet again; there are such countless different missteps to make.
  • Parachute available to be purchased, utilized once, never opened!
  • Life is delightful… however just from Friday to Monday.
  • Certain individuals simply need a decent High-Five all over.
  • I’m not miserable about being single. I’m simply contemplating my significant other, who is likewise single as a result of me.
  • I couldn’t care less about me, essentially I’m appealing to mosquitoes.
  • Disdain wearing a veil, it’s almost certain you won’t partake in the ventilator.
  • At the point when I’m high, I like playing with my feline. Since I don’t have one when I’m level-headed.

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How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord?

Custom game status discord is a profile feature on Discord that enables the user to set the game status for the audience.

1. Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS phone.

2. Tap on your Avatar tab from the bottom right corner.

3. Tap on Set Status.

Note: Once you click the Set Status option, a new window will open.

4. Tap on the Set a custom status option.

5. Fill the text box with your desired custom status and set a time frame for the custom status.

Note: The user can add emojis in the custom playing status as well.

6. After filling in the custom status text box, tap on SAVE from the top right corner.

If you follow the steps correctly, you will see the desired changes in your Discord playing status. Did you see how easy it was? Continue reading till the end to discover different Discord playing status funny.

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How to Enable Activity Status on Discord?

By now you must have understood how to set a custom playing status on Discord. So, let us move on to how to enable this feature. After all, you do not want to manually set the status each time you are playing something.

1. Navigate to your Discord account on your browser.

Note: You can also use the Discord desktop app if you have it.

2. Click on the Gear icon from the bottom left of the screen next to your name.

3. Next, select Activity Privacy from the left pane.

4. Finally, turn on the toggle for the Display current activity as a status message option.


We hope that you learned about how to set a custom playing status on Discord. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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