How to Screen Record Chromebook

Screen recording is one of the most significant instruments for specialists. You can use it to keep from a genuine perspective anything on your Chromebook and use it to coordinate watchers into exploring any mix-up. Unfortunately, PC clients need to pick pariah applications to record their screens. Regardless, if you are using a Chromebook, sorting out some way to screen record Chromebook becomes more straightforward due to its in-manufactured gadget. Continue to examine till the completion to see if is it possible to screen record on a Chromebook and how to screen catch on Chromebook without a Windows key.

How to Screen Record Chromebook

The possibilities for using a display recorder on Chromebook are endless. You can be creative with what you want to record and use it for educational purposes. In other words, this is your chance to convert something strange and difficult into easy and comprehensible language. Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to screen record Chromebook in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

Does a Chromebook Have a Screen Recorder?

Yes. Owing to the extensive number of models, you must be wondering does a Chromebook have a screen recorder. If you are using Chrome OS 89 or above, you can use the built-in screen recording tool. The steps for how to screen record Chromebook are discussed later in the article.

Is It Possible to Screen Record on a Chromebook?

Yes, it is possible to screen on a Chromebook. The steps for the same are mentioned below in the article so keep on reading till the end.

How to Record Screen on Chromebook?

Let us now begin with the steps for how to record display on Chromebook. For this, what you need to do is:

1. From the Quick Settings panel, click on the Screen capture option.

2. Next, click on the recording icon to start the recording.

3. Now, select the desired recording option:

  • Full screen: Click anywhere on the screen to begin recording.
  • Partial screen: Click and drag to select the particular area you wish to record and click on the record icon.
  • Window: Simply click on the particular window to start recording.

Now you can record whatever you want and use it later.

How to Stop Screen Record on Chromebook?

Now that you know how to record your screen on Chromebook, you can easily stop video screen capture by clicking on the Stop recording option from the bottom right corner.

How do Screenshot on Chromebook without Windows Key?

Contingent upon the Chromebook model that you are presently utilizing, there are various ways of catching a screen capture on a Chromebook. For example, the most well-known way for the equivalent is utilizing Ctrl + Windows key easy route. Yet, in the event that you are considering how to screen capture on Chromebook without a Windows key, stress not as this is likewise conceivable.

For this, what you need to do is simply press the Power + Volume Down keys at the same time.

Where Can I Find My Screen Recordings on Chromebook?

Now that you, at last, comprehend the video show catch process on your Chromebook, let us investigate where I can track down my presentation accounts on Chromebook. There is no utilization in recording significant gatherings or urgent video call introductions assuming that you can’t find them and use them later. Fortunately, this is the way you can track down these accounts:

1. Open the Files application on your Chromebook.

2. Go to Downloads and click on the Screen recording folder.

Note: Chrome OS automatically labels the screenshot folder are Screenshot and Screen recording for all the recorded videos.

From here you can share the video, double-click on a video to play it, or delete it from the device.

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