How To Rename A Bluetooth Device

To rename a Bluetooth device on most devices, you will first need to go into your device’s Bluetooth settings. Once you are in the Bluetooth settings, you should see a list of all the devices that are currently paired with your device. Find the device that you want to rename and tap on it to open its settings. Some devices may have a “rename” or “edit” option in the settings, while others may require you to tap and hold on to the device’s name to bring up the option to rename. Once you have accessed the rename option, you will be prompted to enter a new name for your device and confirm the change. Some devices may also have a rename option in the device settings or in the device app, so you may want to check those options if you’re not able to find a rename option in the Bluetooth settings. After the device is renamed, it will appear with the new name when you view the list of paired devices in your device’s Bluetooth settings.

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on an iPhone

First, make sure your iPhone is linked to the Bluetooth device in order to alter the name. If a gadget isn’t linked to your iPhone, you can’t change its name. Once connected, proceed as follows:

  • Select “Settings.”

  • Open “Bluetooth.”

  • To rename a connected device, tap on its icon.

  • Choose “Name.”

  • Enter the ideal name here, then, at that point, return to page one to finish the system.

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on an iPad

Follow these basic moves toward changing your iPad’s Bluetooth gadget name:

  • Open “Settings.”

  • Tap on “Bluetooth.”

  • To rename a gadget, click on the data button on one side.

  • This will get to the gadget’s “Settings” page.
  • The rename choice is accessible by tapping the “Name” box.

  • Enter the gadget’s ideal name.

  • Stir things up around town or “Return” key on the console to save.

There is no “Save” or “Drop” choice on the rename page. All things considered, squeezing “Enter” or “Return” save the contribution, while getting back to the primary page drops it.

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on a Mac

The additional versatility of a PC like a Macintosh can make things more troublesome when you want to track down a particular Bluetooth gadget to interface with. Fortunately, you can set your number one Bluetooth-empowered thing with their novel names by following these means:

  • Go to “System Preferences.”

  • Click on “Bluetooth.”

  • Right-click on the gadget you need to alter.

  • Pick “Rename” from the spring-up menu choices.

  • Type the new name in the spring-up window.

  • To finish, select “Rename” in the spring-up window and leave the settings menus.

Renaming the gadget could make it disengage and you can find it under the new name in practically no time. Comparative models can be found somewhere else, like the battery gadget. Furthermore, when you rename an Apple embellishment, for example, the AirPods, the new title is refreshed all over the place and shows up in the Find My application and on iCloud.

On the off chance that you could do without the new title, you can undoubtedly switch it back to the past one or use something else by following the strategies illustrated previously.

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Windows 11

Using the Control Panel, you can change the name of your Bluetooth device.

After connecting the device, follow this guide:

  • Press the Start menu.

  • To access the Control Panel, search for “control” and hit “OK.”

  • In the Control Board, select “Equipment and Sound.”

  • Choose “Devices & Printers.”

  • Find the Bluetooth gadget you wish to modify from the “Gadget” tab.

  • Right-click on the gadget symbol and pick “Properties.”

  • Select “Properties” then, at that point, go to “Associated Gadget.”

  • To change the name of your Bluetooth gadget, type in the ideal name.

  • To save the adjustments, click on “Apply” and “Alright”.

The changed name can be viewed in the “Bluetooth and Gadgets” segment. On the off chance that the change doesn’t produce results immediately, select “Separate” from the kebab (three-spot) menu close to the gadget name. From that point forward, reconnect the gadget to guarantee that the name change is powerful.

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Windows 10

You should initially turn on Windows 10 Bluetooth to change the name of a Bluetooth gadget. Whenever you’ve done that, adhere to these directions to rename your Bluetooth gadget:

  • Select the Beginning menu, the Pursuit symbol, or the Inquiry bar, contingent upon your Hunt bar settings.

  • State “Control Board” in search and select the primary outcome.

  • Pick “Equipment and Sound” and afterward “Gadgets and Printers.”

  • Right-click on the Bluetooth gadget whose name you wish to modify.

  • Select “Properties.”

  • Click on the “Bluetooth” tab and give the gadget another name.

  • To save your changes, click on “Apply” and afterward “Alright.”


The adjustments will not come full circle immediately. Switch your Windows 10 Bluetooth off in the wake of changing the gadget name, then sit tight for some time prior to walking out on.

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on an Android Device

It’s easy to change the Bluetooth name, but the procedure may differ based on the Android smartphone you’re using. Typically, you should look under the “Connected Devices” area of the “Settings” menu. In general, follow these steps:

  • Swipe down from the highest point of the screen and tap beneath the Bluetooth symbol. By and large, this starts Bluetooth or shows the rundown of gadgets. Select “More settings” if necessary.

  • Find the gadget you need to rename on the rundown of associated gadgets.

  • To change the name, tap on it to open a text box.

  • Click “Rename” or “Save” after you type in another gadget name.

Rather than “Associated Gadgets,” you might see “Association Inclinations” on certain gadgets. Tap on it and go on as coordinated by the other guidelines. Moreover, changing the name with a basic snap on certain gadgets is unimaginable. All things being equal, you want to tap on the kebab menu to get to the “Alter gadget name” highlight.

Can You Rename a Bluetooth Device on a Chromebook?

There was an option to change the names of Bluetooth devices after pairing them with the Chromebook. Unfortunately, with the 2015 update, this option was removed.

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