How To Mirror An Android Phone With The Amazon Fire Stick

Throughout the previous decade, streaming films and TV programs have gone from a specialty, geeky method for watching your number one diversion to how the vast majority invest a portion of their free energy. One less popular element of the Amazon Fire television Stick is reflecting a cell phone or tablet screen to your television. You might reflect Windows 10 to a Fire television Stick or Block. This element allows you to play motion pictures or Television programs from your telephone, mess around with a goliath show, or have a big-screen video talk. You can reflect only the screen or the screen in addition to sound.

Note: This article is about “mirroring” your phone or tablet screen to a Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube, not casting to it as you do with apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Regardless, since Amazon and Google only partially collaborate, you must take extra steps to mirror an Android phone to your Fire TV device. As for iPhones and iOS tablets, they don’t mirror any Fire devices at all, so you need additional steps to get the job done. Isn’t that great?

Anyhow, setting up mirroring from Android and iPhone/iOS to your Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube is not that difficult—it just requires multiple actions. Let’s get started!


How to Mirror/Cast iPhones & Android Phones or Tablets to Your Fire TV Stick

The initial step to reflecting your telephone or tablet to your Firestick or Fire television 3D square is to initiate the element. Presently, Amazon consolidates a reflecting choice in the “Settings” menu, yet it doesn’t work with Android or iPhone/iOS gadgets.

Amazon believes that you should buy into Prime Video and mirror their selective items, like Fire tablets. Interestingly, Google maintains that you should utilize their particular items and administrations, for example, Google Pixel cell phones and Chromecast PCs. A similar situation goes for Apple. Might you at any point see the predicament now? So much for a Miracast standard, correct?

To reflect your Android gadget to your Fire television Stick or Fire 3D square, the Fire gadget requires a reflecting application, for example, “Airscreen.” This application deals with Android and iOS/iPhone gadgets, so it frequently turns into an application to utilize.

Despite the fact that Fire gadgets have a reflecting choice like your telephone, they typically don’t speak with the default settings. This present circumstance is the reason you really want assistance from an outsider application. This is the way to introduce Airscreen on the Fire television Stick or Fire 3D shape and your Android/iPhone gadget.

Activating Android Mirroring on Your Firestick using AirScreen

  1. On the “Home” screen, scroll down one row (from the preview section at the top to the menu bar below it) and select “Find,” then choose “Search.”
  2. Type “air screen” or a shorter variant into the search bar and choose “AirScreen” from the list. You no longer need the “Easy Fire Tools” app to install AirScreen—it is available in the Amazon App Store.
  3. In the window that appears, choose the “AirScreen” app.
  4. In the Airscreen app window, select “Get.”
  5. Launch AirScreen and select “Confirm.”
  6. A new screen appears, displaying a QR code and a URL. You’ll use one of the two on your smartphone to link them together.
  7. If the visual examples in the steps above do not match your Firestick, it probably needs an update or is an older model. Go to “Settings -> My Fire TV -> About” and select “Install System Update” or “Check for System Update.”
  8. Scan the QR code on your TV on your smartphone or tablet or go directly to the specified URL.
  9. Choose from “In-App content” or “Entire screen.”

Your Android gadget currently gets reflected onto the Fire television Stick or Fire Solid shape, which shows up on the television.

Note: YouTube may naturally incorporate your Fire television Stick as a projecting source subsequent to introducing AirScreen on the Fire gadget — this was affirmed on Android 11 Motorola G Quick. Be that as it may, other telephone applications like Netflix and Disney+ might expect you to examine the QR code or go to the shower URL in the AirScreeen Amazon application to reflect your telephone or tablet (not projecting). Non-Amazon gadgets like Chromecast with Google television and Roku show up as reflecting sources with next to no outsider mediation.

When you empower the reflecting assistance on your Android gadget, your Fire television Stick ought to start showing whatever is on the screen.

How to Mirror/Cast iOS Phones or Tablets to Your Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube

Fire OS does not support Apple AirPlay, the default mirroring app on your iOS device, but a third-party app called AirScreen works with AirPlay to deliver the casting functions you need.

  1. On your Fire TV Stick, search for and install “AirScreen.”
  2. Launch “AirScreen” on your Firestick and select “Confirm” once you have both the Firestick and iOS device on the same network.
  3. Use your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device to scan the “QR Code” on the TV.
  4. When prompted for what to mirror, select “Entire screen” or “In-app content.”
  5. Follow the instructions to mirror on your iOS device.
  6. Swipe down from the top of your iPhone or other iOs device and choose “Screen Mirroring.”

All things considered, reflecting the substance of your Android or iOS/iPhone gadget to your Fire television Stick or even Fire television Shape is moderately simple. Outsider applications like AirScreen let you reflect your gadget’s presentation to your Fire television Stick from practically any gadget, aside from you can’t reflect streaming applications like you can with local reflecting choices. Concerning iPhone and iOS gadgets, Fire operating system doesn’t uphold AirPlay, yet applications like AirScreen work with AirPlay’s highlights to get it done!

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