How To Find Friends In A Specific City In Facebook

Finding friends in a specific city on Facebook can be a great way to make new connections and strengthen existing relationships. To start, log into your Facebook account and locate the search bar at the top of the page. In the search bar, type the name of the city you’d like to find friends. This will bring up a list of people who have listed the city as their current location. You can then view their profiles and send them a friend request if you’d like. Additionally, you can join any relevant Facebook groups related to the city in order to meet new people and make connections.

How to Find Friends in a City on Facebook

There are a couple of ways of looking through your Facebook companions by city. These techniques differ by gadget, so we’ll cover them here.

How to Find Facebook Friends by City – Web Browser

Assuming that you favor the internet browser adaptation of Facebook, follow these means:

  •   Open the Facebook site and sign into your record.

  • Click the Pursuit bar in the upper left corner.

  • Type “individuals” in the pursuit box, then, at that point, select “Quest for individuals” at the lower part of the rundown. This activity guarantees you find more precise outcomes than you would if tapping on an alternate “individuals” choice.
  • In the “Channels” list that shows up, click on “Individuals.”

  • Select “City” in the submenu.

  • Pick a recorded city in the “dropdown rundown” or type one in the “city search box.” In the event that the crate vanishes, click “City” again to resume it.
  • Survey the rundown of individuals in the city you chose and add some as Facebook companions.

How to Find Facebook Friends by City – Mobile

The Android and iOS versions of Facebook are precisely the same. All you need to do to find friends is follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook application and tap on the “Search” symbol.

  • Type “individuals” in the pursuit box at the top (don’t tap “enter.”), then pick “Get results for individuals” at the lower part of the prepopulated search list.
  • Pick “Individuals” from the menu at the top.

  • Tap the “channel” symbol in the upper right corner.

  • Select “City” from the menu at the lower part of the page.

  • Pick a prepopulated city or type the name of the city where you’re searching for your companion.

  • Select “SHOW RESULTS” at the base to see the rundown of expected companions in your picked city.

Regardless of the progressions in Facebook’s socioeconomics, it’s as yet perhaps in the most impressive stage. And, surprisingly, however, the UI could appear to be a piece burdensome, Facebook offers one of the most exhaustive hunt menus.


How do I find You don’t know what their Facebook name is?

If you don’t know someone’s Facebook name, there are a few ways to try and find them. One way is to use the Facebook search bar at the top of the website or mobile app. You can enter their name, email address, or phone number in the search bar and see if their profile comes up. If you’re not sure of their exact name, you can also try searching for them using their school, workplace, or city. Another way to find someone on Facebook is to use the “People You May Know” feature, which suggests friends based on mutual connections and other factors. Additionally, you can use the feature of browsing groups or pages that you think the person might be a member of or have interacted with. You can also try looking for the person on other social media platforms and see if they have linked their Facebook account to their profile.

Can I search for new people to meet in a specific city?

Unfortunately, no. Facebook recently did away with this feature.

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