How to Enable LOL Quick Cast

Class of Legends is an online multiplayer game created by Mob Games. Authoritatively the game was sent off in 2009 for the Windows stage, however soon they delivered it for macOS, and presently the game is accessible for Android, iOS, and pretty much every gaming stage also. Class of Legends isn’t simply any game. The game has been important for the e-Game. Class of Legends has numerous weapons, abilities, moves, and spells that a player needs to have for their personality to dominate the match. By redesigning the capacities, the person becomes more grounded, and its level likewise increments. A player should involve in many in-game procedures and powers in the game, one of which is fast cast. In the event that you have hardly any familiarity with the Haha fast cast versus speedy cast, this article will direct you in strides on the best way to utilize and empower it. This article will likewise enlighten you regarding sorts of the speedy cast and where could you at any point find the Haha fast cast settings in the game. You will likewise figure out how to utilize Class of Legends’ speedy cast without a pointer. How about we get everything rolling?

How to Enable LOL Quick Cast

Class of Legends is a group battle game where a group of five players fights with the other group of five players the two groups are furnished with powers, moves, and weapons. The objective of a group is to overcome the other group to be the heroes and gain prizes by winning. Peruse this article till the finish to have a deep understanding of how to utilize fast cast and rout your foes in Class of Legends.

What is LOL Quick Cast?

The Class of Legends speedy cast is a quicker option in contrast to projecting spells, capacities, or things. Fast cast permits the client to relegate their things, spells, and capacities to a vital one on the console so while playing the game you can utilize them simply by squeezing that doled-out key on the console. This will permit you to utilize your powers all the more rapidly and assist you with working on your game.

There are two types of the quick cast:

  • One with an indicator
  • Another is without an indicator

What is the Difference Between Quick Cast and Normal Cast?

Typical cast and speedy cast both are utilized to project the extraordinary capacities or abilities of the person when required.

Normal CastQuick Cast
The player needs to physically choose the capacity which then shows you the reach where the capacity is going prior to projecting it.It doesn’t need the player to choose a capacity or an objective.
A reach pointer shows up and really at that time, you will actually want to utilize the capacity.No such reach pointers show up and players need to dole out unambiguous keys to promptly utilize various capacities.
You don’t need to recollect different key alternate ways.You need to get familiar with the reach and marks of the various heroes you play.
It doesn’t misfire as you have more prominent command over things than a speedy cast.The fast cast can at times misfire because of the unseemly situating of the cursor.

What is the Difference: LOL Quick Cast vs Quick Cast?

To know the contrast between Haha fast cast versus ordinary speedy cast, read the pointers referenced above in the past heading. They are straightforward and make entangling gaming things a breeze.

Is Quick Cast Good League?

Yes, the quick cast is good in the League of Legends. Quick cast decreases the time required to use the ability or skill. As compared to the normal cast, the quick cast is a lot quicker, and while having a battle using a quick cast will make your attacks faster which will be a plus point in winning the battle. To use a quick cast is super simple. Just assign keys to the commands, enable the quick cast, save changes and you can use it in the game. While playing the game, click on the quick cast key to use it on your opponent. Now you must have known whether or not is quick cast good in the League of Legends.

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Where are LOL Quick Cast Settings?

LOL, quick cast settings are available within the game. You can assign different keys to different LOL quick cast actions and use them as needed. Once you start the game, go to the game settings and select the Key Bindings options. This is the main arena where you can actually assign the commands.

How to Enable Quick Cast League of Legends? How to Enable LOL Quick Cast?

Note: Make sure you have assigned keys to quick-cast commands.

1. Launch the League of Legends game on your PC/laptop.

2. Go to the Game Settings.

3. In the settings, select the HOTKEYS option from the left pane.

4. Click on any desired command and press the key combination to assign it to that specific Quick Cast command.

5. Once done enabling the quick cast, click on the Okay option to save changes to the game.

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How to Use League Quick Cast with Indicator?

To know how to use league quick cast with indicator, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Note: Make sure you have assigned and enabled quick cast along with an indicator option.

1. Launch the League of Legends game on your computer.

2. Start a battle.

3. In the battle, press the quick cast assigned key combination for a certain ability to use.

Note: The indicator will be visible after you press and hold the key and become invisible as you release it.

4. Using the cursor, point it to the target and release it to use the ability.

This is how to use league quick cast with indicator.

How to Use League of Legends Quick Cast without Indicator?

To use League of Legends quick cast without indicator, just follow these steps:

Note: Make sure you have assigned and enabled quick cast keys.

1. Launch the League of Legends game on your computer.

2. Go to Game Settings > HOTKEYS option.

3. Next, click on a Quick Cast command and assign it a specific command by pressing the desired keys combination.

4. Once you are done, click Okay to apply the necessary changes.

5. Now start a battle.

6. In the battle, point the cursor to the target.

7. Press the quick cast assigned key combination for a certain ability to use.

This is how can you use League of Legends quick cast without an indicator.


We hope that this article has helped you in knowing how to enable LOL quick castFeel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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