How To Add Fields To A Docusign Document

Fields are an integral tool in DocuSign. Once you include files, messages, and recipients in your envelope, you can use them to prompt your signers to perform many actions, including providing a signature, adding initials, and more. You can incorporate a unique set for each customer.

But to do all that, you first need to learn how to add fields. Let’s dive right in.

How to Add Fields in DocuSign on a PC

DocuSign has some advanced features, but adding fields isn’t one of them. It should only take you a minute or two to include them in your messages on a PC.

  1. Open DocuSign.
  2. Start a new document or open an envelope.
  3. Press the “Next” button.
  4. Navigate to your recipient list in the upper-left section of the screen.
  5. Choose the person you want to incorporate fields for. Bear in mind that the fields only apply to the selected person, and they’re designed to match the recipient’s predefined color coding. Additionally, the platform only allows you to include fields for a recipient designated as your signer.
  6. Add fields for the recipient using your page guide.
  7. To change the assigned recipient, view, or other features, select the field you want to modify. Make the adjustments as you see fit in the new window.
  8. Hover over the “Fields” window to the left.
  9. Click an available field type and drag it to your active page.
  10. Go back to your page guide and choose a page that will be tagged with fields. The highlighted page becomes your active page, and it will be displayed in your center panel.

Once you’ve placed tags and assigned fields, the program allows you to reassign them to different signers. Here’s how to do so.

  1. Tap other fields you want to reassign. Each unit should show a bold edge.
  2. Tap “Other Actions” in the upper right corner. Then choose “Assign to Someone Else”.
  3. Input the new signer’s name and email. Include the reasons for signing.
  4. Tap “Assign” in the lower part of the page.
  5. Finally, click the signer you want to reassign the fields too. You should now receive a message saying your items are reassigned.

How to Add Fields in DocuSign on a Mobile Device

Working in DocuSign on a mobile device might be more challenging due to the smaller screen, but the interface is pretty much the same. Adding fields shouldn’t be tricky on your Android device or iPhone.

  1. Launch DocuSign and create a new envelope or document.
  2. Choose “Next” and head to the recipient list. It should be located near the top of your display.
  3. Select the person who will be associated with the fields.
  4. Use the page guide to add the fields for the highlighted recipient. If you wish to choose another recipient or change the view, select the field in question and make the necessary modifications.
  5. Go to “Fields” and tap a field type. Drag the unit to the active page.
  6. Return to the guide and select the page you’ll tag with fields. The item should now become your active page, so you’re good to go.

How to Add Fields in DocuSign on an iPad

It shouldn’t take you too long to add fields on your iPad either.

  1. Start DocuSign on your iPad.
  2. Open a new envelope or document and tap “Next.”
  3. Explore the top of the page and find your recipient list.
  4. Choose your recipient.
  5. Add one or more fields using the page guide. If necessary, access “Edit Mode” by tapping a field. This menu allows you to alter the view and many other characteristics. Exit this mode by hitting the back arrow.
  6. Head to the “Field Type” section.
  7. Decide on the field type. Drag a unit to your active page.
  8. Use the page guide and determine the page that will contain fields. This will turn it into an active page with fields.


How do I make fields required in DocuSign?

In the most recent version of DocuSign, all fields are mandatory by default. Take the following steps to verify this.

1. Once you add text to your document, hover over the sidebar.

2. Locate the “Required Field” section, which should tell you your unit is required.

3. If it’s not mandatory, tap the toggle to change the setting.

Additionally, if the color of the border is red, the assigned recipient will need to complete the form. If the edge is gray, filling in the field will be optional.

Why can’t I add fields in DocuSign?

Even a newbie can add fields in DocuSign, but what if the platform doesn’t let you do so? Usually, the most common problem is that you didn’t assign a recipient. The system doesn’t allow you to add fields in templates without a recipient.

Fortunately, there’s a simple workaround.

1. Press the “Add Signer” option. You can also click the “Add CC” button to access the necessary menu.

2. Choose your recipient.

Another way to designate a recipient is to use the DocuSign address book.

1. Press your address book symbol.

2. Choose the recipient of the envelope or document.

3. Press the “Add” option.

4. The system should now add the name(s) to your message, allowing you to include fields.

DocuSign may also prevent you from editing fields if you’re using an inappropriate template. More specifically, the template may be restricted. Unless you’re authorized to edit this unit, you’ll need to ask your administrator or the creator of the template for permission to edit.

If you’re the owner or administrator of the template, you can access the feature on your own.

1. Log in to your DocuSign account as the account administrator or template creator.

2. Go to the “Templates” section, followed by “My Templates” if you’re the creator. If you’re the administrator, head to “Templates” and “All Account Templates.”

3. Click the arrow near the “Use” option and choose “Edit.”

4. Hit “Next” in the top-right part of the display to open “Add Fields.”

5. Locate and tap the field you wish to edit. The “Properties” window should show up to your right.

6. Find “Sender Permissions.” It should be located in the lower part of the “Properties” screen.

7. Un-check the “Mandatory” box to enable senders to remove the field when sending.

8. Un-check the “Restrict Changes” box to allow your senders to modify or move the field.

9. Save the changes by clicking away from your field.

10. Repeat steps 5–9 if you want to unlock more fields.

11. Press “Save & Close” in the top-right part of the window to save the template.

You can now modify your fields whenever you want, but note that your signers can change the values too. If you wish to lock the fields so your signers can’t do so, check the boxes in the upper part of “Field Properties.”

How do I create a custom field in DocuSign?

DocuSign has a wide variety of default fields, but they may not always do the trick. If you need to include a custom field, here’s how the process works.

1. Open DocuSign and go to the “My Preferences” window.

2. Access “Signing & Sending,” followed by “Custom Fields.”

3. Create a new field by clicking the “Add New Field” button.

4. Type in the properties for your new unit. For instance, you can modify the text and determine whether the recipients are required to fill in the item.

5. Press the “Save” button.

6. You can now use your custom field by opening the “Custom Fields” list and dragging it to a template or document. It works the same as incorporating a standard field.

Afterward, you may decide to delete or edit your custom fields.

1. Head to the “Custom Fields” section.

2. Select the field(s) you wish to delete or edit.

3. Change the necessary properties and click the “Save” button to edit or hit “Delete” to remove the unit.

How do I delete fields in bulk in DocuSign?

After creating fields, you may decide that some of them are unnecessary. If so, you can delete them to avoid overwhelming your recipients with redundant information.

1. Tap the fields you want to delete. You’ll know you’ve successfully highlighted them when a bold border shows.

2. Hit “Delete” in the lower part of the window.

3. Press “Delete” once again to confirm your decision. The platform should now notify you your fields have been removed.

Speed Up Your Work With DocuSign

DocuSign eliminates the struggle associated with instructing your recipients to sign certain documents. And the more fields you add with this program, the less work you’ll have to do by hand. If the default solutions don’t cut it, feel free to include custom ones.

How often do you add fields in DocuSign? What is your favorite default field? Do you use it for all your clients? Let us know in the comments section below.

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