Can You See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile? Nope!

In the event that you have a Twitter account, sooner or later, you could have pondered who is drawing in with your profile. While there are sure things you can find, similar to which records like and repost your tweets, it’s difficult to see who is seeing your tweets and your profile. You can learn about profile commitment through Twitter Examination.

This guide will go through precisely the exact thing kind of data you can and can’t get with respect to your Twitter profile. We will likewise cover a few normal inquiries connected with Twitter’s protection strategy.

Understanding Twitter Profile Visits

It’s difficult to figure out who is visiting your profile on Twitter, yet you can perceive the number of. Dissimilar to LinkedIn, which permits you to see who taps on your profile, Twitter doesn’t offer this element. You can figure out whether somebody has seen your tweets through direct collaboration.

You can see who preferences, remarks, and retweets. You can likewise see which records follow you or notify you in another post. This isn’t actually to be expected, considering that this data is public on all virtual entertainment stages.

Your profile’s permeability mostly relies upon the setting for your Twitter profile. On the off chance that your profile is set to “Public,” not exclusively might each Twitter client at any point view its substance, however basically every individual who knows your Twitter username can track down it. Aside from surveying your substance, they are additionally allowed to communicate with you.

Then again, in the event that you set your profile to “Private,” just your devotees approach your profile and your tweets.

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private in a Browser

If you want to make your Twitter account private using a browser, this is what you need to do:

  1. Open “Twitter” and log into your account.
  2. Go to the “More” tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Select “Settings and Support.”
  4. Choose “Settings and privacy.”
  5. Select “Privacy and safety” in the main window.
  6. Under “Your Twitter activity,” select “Audience and tagging.”
  7. Check the “Protect your Tweets” box on the right.
  8. Select “Protect.”

Right now, Twitter could request that you sign into your record by and by.

Presently, just your supporters will actually want to associate with your tweets. Recollect that some data on your Twitter profile will continuously be public. For instance, assuming you have provided that data, each individual on Twitter can see your history, profile picture, site, and area.

How to Make Your Twitter Account Private using the Android/iOS App

Making your Twitter account private in the Android or iOS app is similar to doing it in a browser, but the navigation and user interface differs.

  1. Open the “Twitter” app on Android or iOS.
  2. Tap on your “profile” icon in the top left section.
  3. Choose “Settings and privacy” towards the bottom of the pullout menu.
  4. Select “Privacy and safety” from the options.
  5. Tap on “Audience and tagging.”
  6. Tap on “Protect your Tweets” to move the slider to the “on” position.


Using a Browser Extension to See Who Visited Your Twitter Profile

Numerous program augmentations guarantee to offer this kind of usefulness for Twitter and essentially every web-based entertainment stage out there. Be that as it may, most web expansions have concerns, and you ought to be careful about them.

Despite the fact that these program expansions are allowed to utilize and could appear to be certifiable, they could basically be after your actually recognizable information. You would accidentally be giving that web augmentation admittance to your confidential data.

In the interim, rather than telling you when any record sees your Twitter profile, they will possibly inform you as to whether a profile with a similar web expansion tapped on yours. What’s more regrettable, this fake web augmentation will likewise follow the wide range of various sites you visit and advise others (who have a similar expansion) at whatever point you view their profile. The choice to introduce this expansion, at last, relies upon you, yet all the same, it’s not suggested.

Using an App to See Who Visited Your Twitter Profile

Like with program expansions, there is no application you can use to see the real usernames of records that visit your Twitter profile. Nonetheless, you can utilize certain applications as a choice for Twitter Examination to get profile counts and tweet view numbers. The two best applications to quantify and dissect your commitment are HootSuite and Crowdfire.

While neither application can give explicit data about who sees your profile, they will offer precise bits of knowledge about your profile’s commitment. Also, both applications will tell you which posts definitely stand out enough to be noticed, the number of perspectives your profile has every day, and the number of records that see your tweets.

Both applications offer a free rendition, yet just Crowdfire gives a limitless free record. Then again, HootSuite just gives you a 30-day free preliminary. If you would rather not pay for an application, Twitter Investigation is a lot more secure other option.

Using Twitter Analytics to Show Who Visited Your Profile

Twitter Examination is a business device that assists measure with profiling commitment and different socioeconomics, however it likewise shows the quantity of profile visits, tweet visits, tweet reactions, and so forth. It very well may be useful in the event that you are a substance maker, a powerhouse, or a web-based entrepreneur.

As referenced previously, it’s difficult to see which records visited your profile on Twitter, not even with Twitter Examination. In any case, seeing the number of visits and reactions to different tweets is helpful.

1. Access Twitter Analytics using Android or iOS

Twitter Examination isn’t accessible on the portable application in Android or iOS. Notwithstanding, you can in any case see tweet measurements, including impressions, commitment, detail grows, new supporters, profile visits, and connection clicks. The information accessible per tweet relies upon the tweet’s items. For example, you won’t see connect clicks details on the off chance that there aren’t joins in the tweet.

Note: You can only view stats on your tweets and any tweet replies you made. Retweets are excluded.

To see statistics on your Twitter tweets or replies, this is what you need to do:

  1. Open the iOS or android “Twitter” application and snap on your “profile” symbol in the upper left area.
  2. Yet again in the pullout menu that shows up, tap on your “profile” pic.
  3. Select the “Tweets” or “Tweets and answers” tab.
  4. As you look down, you’ll see a measurement bar symbol with a number close to it. That number is your perspectives (Impressions) count.
  5. To see more details, tap on the “measurements bar” symbol.

2. Access Twitter Analytics using a Browser in Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and More

Accessing Twitter Analytics using Twitter in a browser

  1. Open “Twitter” in a browser.
  2. Log into your account if you haven’t already.
  3. Go to “More” on your profile.
  4. Tap on “Analytics.”
  5. Select “Turn Analytics On.”
  6. Go to “Profile visits.”

Accessing Twitter Analytics using the Webpage

To enable the Twitter Analytics page on the desktop browser, go to Twitter Analytics while logged into your account. You can see all the vital information regarding your profile engagement there.

Some other metrics Twitter Analytics keeps track of include: the number of tweets you posted, the number of views or impressions you got, the number of times another account mentioned yours, and your number of followers.

All of these metrics are measured every month. The Twitter Analytics website will also let you know which tweet got the most attention and who is your top follower of the month. If you are using this social media and blogging platform to promote a product or service, Twitter Analytics will help you by letting you know how your Twitter campaign is performing.

After you analyze the overall number of impressions and the engagement rate, you will know which areas are flourishing and which ones you need to work on. Not only that, but you’ll be able to learn more about your followers.

No matter your social media platform, it’s normal to be curious about who is visiting your profile, and Twitter is no exception. While many browser extensions and apps claim that they can provide you with such information, this isn’t possible. Regardless, you can at least see the profile and tweet statistics in count form using Twitter Analytics or viewing stats directly on your tweets and replies.

Twitter Analytics FAQs

Can you see who views your Tweets on Twitter?

There is definitely zero chance of knowing exactly which records have seen your tweets. On the other hand, you can sort out the number of records that saw and associated with your tweets.

If you’re thinking about the manner by which clear your tweets are regardless, it depends upon whether your Twitter profile is public or private. In case you have a secret record, there is a convincing explanation needs to pressure. Simply your allies can see and work together with your tweets. That, but they won’t appear in the question things on the other hand.

In any case, anyone can interface with your tweets if you have a public Twitter profile. If accounts that don’t follow you search for a specific expression, your tweets that consolidate that watchword can appear in the question things. Then again for example, if your profile was public at one point notwithstanding, you made it private, a couple of tweets could regardless appear in the question things.

Can someone tell if you’re stalking them on Twitter?

In the event that you utilize your Twitter record to see others’ profiles, and you’re stressed they could think you are “following” them, there is a compelling reason should be concerned. Twitter’s protection strategy doesn’t give anybody admittance to this data. While numerous applications guarantee that they can tell you exactly who is following your profile, they are generally tricks.

Likewise, on the off chance that you’re thinking about downloading such an application, don’t burn through your time or cash on them. You’ll just be giving them your information and profile data enthusiastically.

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