Can a Deleted FB Account be Traced?

Making a Facebook account is very personal for each user, and once deleted, you won’t be able to find it again. It becomes invisible to the public and to you when you delete your Facebook account. As you may not be able to access your account, you can become anxious and repeat the can a deleted FB account be traced question to yourself repeatedly while scouring the internet. You should read this article until the end to get the answer to your question about trace deleted Facebook accounts. Regardless it is the one you want or not, you must find the truth. Let’s get started!

Can a Deleted FB Account be Traced?

You will get to know if can a deleted FB account be traced or not further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

What Happens to a Deleted Facebook Account?

When a Facebook account is deleted, all the information related to that account vanishes from the servers of Facebook permanently. The account will no longer be retainable or accessible to the owner. It will be invisible, and no user will be able to search for your account name.

How Long Does Facebook Keep Deleted Accounts?

Your Facebook account keeps your accounts deleted for 30 days, and during that period, your information will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to retrieve your data. It can also take 90 days from the start of the deletion process to delete all your posts.

I. Deactivated Accounts

When a user deactivates their Facebook account, all the data, including posts, pictures, stories, pages, etc., is saved on the servers. Deactivating only disables your account temporarily. Visitors or your friends won’t be able to view any information on your timeline. You can reactivate your account as and when you like by logging in again using your email address and password.

II. Deleted Accounts

The deleted account gets removed instantly from the FB servers.

Can a Deleted Account be Traced?

No, a deleted account cannot be traced by the normal user. But other experts/personnel can do it with the powerful software as Facebook keeps track of the log-in location and IP information of every deleted account. Facebook makes sure that your account is protected from any harmful activity and keeps your deleted account data safe from hackers.

Can Police Track Deleted Accounts?

Yes, police can track deleted accounts with the help of some special tools and social network support. When a higher authority requests data, every social media site is required to provide it. So the police can easily track your deleted Facebook account.

How Do I Know If My Facebook Account is Deleted?

When your account is deleted:

  • It is invisible.
  • Other users are unable to find it when they search.
  • You won’t be able to access and see your timeline, posts, or other past activity on your account.

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