9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

Windows framework clients approach various Microsoft programs that make their lives very simple. Microsoft Office is one such apparatus that offers different MS programs that can be utilized for true purposes. Microsoft Word is a generally utilized word-handling program and a part of Microsoft Office. MS Word programming has a ton of cutting-edge includes that permit clients to design and alter their records and reports in the most ideal manner. Despite the fact that the product is faultless in making records, contracts, and reviews, the Microsoft Word report went clearly the issue is experienced by clients a ton. Assuming you are likewise confronting a similar issue and are asking yourself, for what reason did my Statement report go clear then, at that point, then you have arrived on the right page. In the present doc, we will examine reasons that turn your Assertion doc clear and various techniques that you can endeavor to fix the saved Word doc record opening up the clear issue.

How to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

Here, we have given the solutions to solve the Microsoft Word document went blank problem in detail.

Why did My Microsoft Word Document Went Blank?

A few times, MS Word clients have whined to open a clear record with no text. This sad episode happens because of the reasons recorded underneath:

  • Microsoft Word report goes clear on the off chance that it has been defiled somehow or another.
  • MS Word reports can likewise show up without text due to malware, infection, or other outer danger assaults.
  • Intense or inappropriate end of the Microsoft Word device while altering a report can likewise make the record go clear.

How to Fix Word Document Not Showing Content

Regardless of what causes a clear record, there are different potential workarounds that can assist you to get back your unique report with text. To find out how to address clear docs while getting to records on Microsoft Word, take a gander at the techniques given beneath.

Method 1: Restart the PC

Most importantly, before you move onto complex strategies to determine the Word archive that has gone clear issue, you ought to restart your PC. Reviving or rebooting a framework helps in reloading assets and disposing of brief issues. It additionally assists in fixing issues with Microsoft Office programming, in the event that any are found. You can attempt a few new procedures for the restart cycle with the assistance of our aide on 6 Methods for rebooting or Restart a Windows 10 PC.

Method 2: Run Microsoft Word as Admin

Running a Windows program with regulatory honors is an extraordinary method for settling different issues inside the product. The equivalent is the situation with the saved Word doc record opening up clearly where running Microsoft Word as administrator assists in giving the product with fulling admittance to the framework that is expected to open a report and in settling other minor errors. You can run MS Word as an administrator utilizing the accompanying advances:

1. On your PC screen, right-click on Microsoft Word.

2. Now, click on the Properties option from the menu.

3. Next, in the Compatibility tab, select Run this program as an administrator.

4. Finally, click on OK to save the changes made.

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Method 3: Update Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word report went clear issue can likewise come up assuming that the MS Word programming you are utilizing runs on an obsolete rendition. A more seasoned variant could have a fundamental issue, bugs, or mistakes that can be an issue causing justification for your Promise doc. In this manner, you should keep MS Word refreshed to stay away from such issues.

1. First, go to the File tab and select Account in it.

2. Next, click on Update Options.

3. Finally, click on Update Now.

4. Follow the prompts on the screen and launch MS Word again to check if the blank doc issue has been resolved.

Method 4: Update Windows

However much Microsoft Word update is vital to stay away from Word archives not showing content, it is as significant to keep your gadget refreshed. This aids in guaranteeing that your gadget is viable with the variant of Microsoft Word you are running. It is very simple to introduce another update physically, you can advance additional about it from our devoted aide On the best way to Download and Introduce Windows 10 Most recent Update.

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Method 5: Use Open and Repair Feature

On the off chance that you are pondering, for what reason did my Statement report go clear, the most conceivable explanation for it is a bad record. This issue can be handily settled by utilizing the Open and Fix order apparatus in Word. To find out about this apparatus and how to utilize it, allude to the means given underneath:

1. Open the Microsoft Word application.

2. Click on the File menu or Microsoft Office icon and select Open.

3. Now, click on the blank Word file.

4. Next, click on the down arrow present next to the Open button.

5. Finally, select Open and Repair.

Method 6: Use /a Switch Utility

In the event that your Statement record has gone clear, you can fix it utilizing the/a switch utility. This switch is an investigating device that can undoubtedly figure out an issue in your Promise record. On opening the problematic Word doc with/a switch, all add-ins, worldwide layouts, and settings won’t stack which will assist you with deciding the specific issue-causing regions.

1. Hit the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box.

2. Now, type winword /a in the box and press Enter key.

You can disable the add-ins if the Word document opens with the text.

Method 7: Delete Word Data in Registry

One more powerful strategy in settling the saved Word doc record and opening up clear issues is by erasing Word Information in the library. The Word Information library subkey stores the majority of the choices and default settings in MS Word. On restarting Word, the program reconstructs the Word Information library subkey with the assistance of default settings. You can erase this subkey utilizing the accompanying advances:

1. Exit MS Word and open the Run prompt box by pressing Win + R key.

2. Now, type regedit in the Run dialog box and press Enter.

3. Next, navigate to the following location path.


4. Now, right-click on Data and select Delete.

5. Finally, close the registry and launch Word to check if the blank doc issue has been resolved.

Method 8: Turn Off Add-Ins

You can likewise fix the Microsoft Word record went clear issue by switching off add-ins in Microsoft Word. Add-ins in MS Word offer additional capabilities to the docs. Then again, similar add-ins can cause issues with Word programming. Hence, you can push ahead with switching them off utilizing the means beneath:

1. Launch MS Word and click on the File tab.

2. Now, click on Options.

3. Next, click on Add-ins from the side panel.

4. Now, turn off the add-ins that are active but not being used.

Once add-ins are turned off, try opening the blank document again and check if the issue has been resolved.

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Method 9: Restore the Previous Version

Ultimately, assuming that your Statement report has gone clear and you can’t fix it with the previously mentioned techniques, you can take a stab at reestablishing the clear doc to its past variant. This strategy has been demonstrated very supportively in bringing back clear Word documents. To play out this strategy, you really want to empower Document History ahead of time.

1. Right-click on the blank Word doc and select Restore previous versions.

2. Select the latest one from the list of previous recovery points.

3. Finally, click on the Restore button to recover your blank document back.


Q1. Why is my Word document blank?

Ans. Indeed, you can recuperate lost work on Word by getting to the Recuperate Unsaved Reports choice by means of Record.

Q2. Can I recover lost work on Word?

Ans. Indeed, you can recuperate lost work on Word by getting to the Recuperate Unsaved Reports choice by means of Record.

Q3. Can I recover a corrupt Word doc?

Ans. Indeed, you can recuperate a bad Word doc by getting to the Open and Fix order.

Q4. What does a blank doc mean?

Ans. A clear doc bears no text, imprint, or image.

Q5. How can I know if my Word doc is corrupted?

Ans. You can get to be aware assuming your Assertion doc is ruined in the event that your PC becomes lethargic, assuming that archive designing or format continues to change, in the event that there are unintelligible characters, or on the other hand on the off chance that there is an unknown mistake message.


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This finishes us of our aide on Microsoft Word archive went clear issue. We accept that we had the option to answer every one of your questions about a clear doc. Tell us which technique helped you the most and on the off chance that you have some other questions, if it’s not too much trouble, leave them in the remarks segment underneath.

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