16 Settings You Should Change to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 11

With regards to Web protection, gadget security, information well-being, and other exaggerated terms like these, the facts confirm that in the period of further developed usefulness, protection is roaming and legend. Regardless of whether the client attempts to restrict themselves, it is generally conceivable that somehow, essentially a little piece of the information put away on a gadget turns out to be put away in the cloud. There are times when, while taking on the appearance of an act of spontaneity, data is taken from clients in a persuading way. Information breaks are overflowing, and the hardest part is that individuals have basically placed some private data on their computers. From now on, protection and security are on the edge of a blade. In any case, the security settings and choices to modify it on Windows 11 are probably the best. In this way, assuming you are somebody searching for tips about something very similar, we bring you a supportive aide that will show you how to safeguard your security in Windows 11. We should perform settings to safeguard your security on Windows 11. Keep perusing to change Windows 11 security settings.

Settings You Should Change to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 11

Here are some arrangements that you can carry out to further develop Windows 11 security. These arrangements will safeguard your gadget against any sort of safety pass and not gather and store any sort of data without your assent.

Windows 11 Privacy Settings

Playing out these settings would forestall information and data on the gadget from being put away on cloud servers. It will deactivate Microsoft’s admittance to individual information without the client unequivocally consenting to it. These are among the main security settings in Windows 11.

1. Change General Privacy Settings

General protection settings are connected with significant promotions and proposals, ideas, language inclinations, and so forth. Windows makes a Publicizing ID that sends suitable interesting promotions and it is novel to each client in view of their pursuits and posts. Switching this off doesn’t eliminate promotions however makes a boundary for the program or the operating system to peep into your confidential zone of interest. To change the Overall Security settings:

1. Launch the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC.

2. Move to Privacy & security from the sidebar.

3. Click on General under the Windows permissions section.

4. Switch to switch off and debilitate all consents given to Windows to follow your application, track dispatches, find out about your inclinations, and show customized promotions in light of that. Also, it blocks sites from getting to your default language.

2. Turn Off Online Speech Recognition

Windows 11 got the new Voice Composing and Voice access highlights in the working framework utilizing Microsoft’s web-based discourse acknowledgment to execute orders and empower transcription too. Switching this off keeps Microsoft from sending information to the distributed storage., subsequently an outcome safeguards your security in Windows 11 working framework.

1. Launch Settings on your PC and move to Privacy & Security.

2. Scroll and click on Speech.

3. Toggle to turn off and disable Online speech recognition.

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3. Disable Sending of Diagnostic Data

Microsoft saves a restricted measure of default information analyzed from the computers of clients to guarantee Windows 11 security as well as stay up with the latest. In any case, there is a bunch of discretionary demonstrative information that lets your perusing history, utilization of an application or component, and things like this are analyzed. As said, this is discretionary demonstrative information, on your decision you can pick to switch that off from being gotten to and sent by Microsoft.

1. Click on Privacy & security.

2. Navigate to Diagnostics & feedback and click on it.

3. Expand the Diagnostic data section and toggle to disable Send optional diagnostic data.

4. Turn Off Suggestion Notifications

Couldn’t you concur that notices, whether they come from a cell phone or a PC, are as of now irksome? With the accessibility and utilization of increasingly more applications on your Windows PC, the warning rings are very more than previously. Additionally, it accumulates with Windows ideas and tips, fundamentally, Microsoft promotions attempting to connect their projects. I a murmur of help that the engineers decided to give a simple method for hindering the warnings or promotions in camouflage for ideas. Handicapping a couple of off warnings could confine and safeguard your protection in Windows 11.

1. Launch settings on your PC and click on System.

2. Click on Notifications.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and uncheck:

  • Show the Windows welcome experience after updates and when signed in to show what’s new and suggested.
  • Get tips and suggestions when using Windows.

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5. Disable Activity History

The Course of events highlight, later renamed as Movement History to monitor all client action on the PC was presented in Windows 10. In Windows 11, it was adjusted where there is no timetable to show the client’s action on the PC, but Microsoft actually stores the exercise’s subtleties. As a matter of course, the information is put away on the PC locally yet can be synchronized to the cloud in cases a client chooses to sign in to the Microsoft account. For Windows 11 security settings and to safeguard your information on Windows 11, you ought to incapacitate this component.

1. Launch Windows settings and go to Privacy & security.

2. Click on Activity history in the right pane.

3. Toggle and Disable Store my activity history on this device.

4. Click on Clear history to remove all the activity history stored earlier.

6. Turn Off Share Across Devices

Windows 11 has this element to match up information and application action across every one of the computers and cell phones that you are endorsed into. This component assists the client with getting information on utilizing various gadgets or moving starting with one gadget and then onto the next. You might switch it off in the event that you question this to be a security risk.

1. Open Settings and click on Apps.

2. Click on Advanced app settings.

3. Click on Share across devices.

4. Turn it Off.

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7. Disable Location Permission

Area unquestionably is exceptionally delicate information and weak data to be dealt with. While gadgets will generally empower area administrations for functionalities, for example, GPS, following, close by places, and so on, sharing it could not generally be smart. Hindering admittance to the area on Windows 11 isn’t a wreck. Notwithstanding, guarantee that crippling area benefits by and large on Windows 11 forestalls the looking and tracking down the gadget in the event of danger. Thus, we would propose you keep the area authorization empowered to applications that most certainly need it.

1. In the Privacy & security menu, scroll down and click on Location.

2. Grant permissions to the apps that need it as per your engagement and remove permission from the rest of the unwanted apps.

3. You can also turn off the location services completely with the toggle.

8. Change Camera and Mic Permissions in Windows 11

The camera and mic permissions are vital and there is a need to stop apps from accessing the camera and microphone in the background without your knowledge, in order to make your system private and better. This is one of the settings to protect your privacy on Windows 11 that cannot be ignored.

1. Launch the Windows settings.

2. Click on Privacy & security in the left pane.

3. To first manage permissions for the camera, on the right, click on the Camera option.

3. Toggle to disable the camera access entirely.

4. If you want you can choose to toggle off the selected apps you want not to access the camera on your device.

4. Similarly, follow the same steps for Microphone access.

9. Enable Encrypted DNS

Encryption made for the web traffic on your Windows 11 gadget guarantees an extra security layer. Encoded DNS (DNS-over-HTTPS) is a typical norm to scramble DNS inquiries. The trade between the server of a site and a DNS server stays decoded, consequently turning a likely wellspring of a chance of spillage. Accordingly, this should be scrambled to safeguard your security in Windows 11. Peruse our aide On the most proficient method to Empower DNS over HTTPS in Chrome.

10. Move to a Local Account

A neighborhood account is a disconnected record that can be utilized to sign in to your PC. The records-related data is put away locally on the PC as opposed to being shared by Microsoft or put away in the cloud. In this way, the client oversees the Microsoft administration. Changing from a web-based record to a nearby record guarantees more protection of the relative multitude of information on your PC. Allude to our aide On the most proficient method to Make a Nearby Record in Windows 11.

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11. Disable Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s advanced collaborator. In the event that you use Cortana, you ought to know that it has all the data about your area, home, working environment, timings, courses, and so forth. The presence of these data in the application goes it to a grave worry over protection and security dangers. In, Windows 11 it isn’t empowered as a matter of course and we propose you not to turn it on too. Assuming it is turned on, sign out of it and turn it off. This will further develop your Windows 11 protection settings.

12. Do Not Use OneDrive

This arrangement if for individuals who are very wary of the most proficient method to safeguard your security in Windows 11. The restless clients who could do without matching up their information and records to Microsoft’s OneDrive distributed storage administration can quit utilizing the assistance. Albeit the client can’t Uninstall the OneDrive in any capacity, these are the means that can be performed to try not to match up documents.

1. Right-click on the OneDrive icon on the notification tray on the taskbar.

2. Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the pop-up.

3. Choose the Settings option from the dropdown menu.

4. Move to the Accounts tab.

5. Click on Unlink this PC.

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13. Delete Microsoft Cloud Data

After all the clearing and impairing steps, you have had to deal with until these means, even now Microsoft monitors every one of your information and sends it back to its server. Regardless of what their reason is for utilizing this information to further develop items and administrations, customize your web-based insight, comprehend your way of behaving, serve designated promotions, and convey better proposals. You can erase all the cloud information, including area movement, perusing history gathered from Edge or Windows Search, applications and administrations, media action, and execution information.

1. Click on the link to open Microsoft’s privacy dashboard.

2. Sign in with the Microsoft account linked to your Windows 11 PC.

3. Expand the location activity section.

4. Click on Clear all location activity.

5. Presently, the perusing history stores data on pretty much every one of the sites you have visited utilizing the Microsoft Edge program. Assuming that you are hoping to safeguard your protection in Windows 11, extend your perusing history and snap on Clear al perusing action.

6. The search history stores information on all the searches made using Bing Search, Windows Search, and Cortana, etc. Expand Search history.

7. Click on Clear all search history.

8. Expand App and service activity and click on Clear all app and service activity.

7. In the same way, Clear Media activity and Clear app service and performance data. This ensures that all the personal data from Microsoft’s cloud server gets deleted.

Some Security Settings in Windows

At long last, we have likewise recorded a portion of these fundamental level security settings in Windows that you want to change or follow on your gadget to guarantee it stays secure inside and furthermore that it couldn’t be gotten to by anybody other than you, without your readiness.

1. Keeping Windows OS Updated

As a rule, security issues on any operating system result from a security break brought about by any application or program, or from being hacked by a bug or malware. Keeping the product refreshed makes the framework less powerless against outside dangers and safeguards it with the most recent security patches. You can go through our article On the most proficient method to Download and Introduce Discretionary Updates in Windows 11.

2. Setup Login Options

With the presentation of Windows Hi, the experience of signing in to the Windows gadget has upgraded. Choices to sign into the PC utilizing a unique mark or through the Facial acknowledgment highlight utilizing the webcam are presently empowered on Windows. These are certainly safer ways of keeping the gadget shielded from being utilized by another person in your nonappearance.

1. Launch the settings app on your Windows PC.

2. Scroll through the right pane and navigate to the Sign-in options.

3. Set up and enable Fingerprint recognition and Facial Recognition on your PC.

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3. Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock on Windows is an element that locks the PC when the associated Bluetooth gadget, ideally a telephone or a wearable, leaves reach and separates from Windows. This is a component when Windows makes a believed gadget interfacing with which through Bluetooth naturally empowers the sign-in with the PC and on being away from the believed source, signs out and locks the PC. To empower Dynamic lock in Windows 11 security settings follow these means;

1. In the Settings of your PC, click on Accounts on the left pane.

2. From the right-hand window, click on Sign-in options.

3. Click on Dynamic Lock and enable it.

Hence, these are the settings to protect your privacy on Windows 11.


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With this, we end the article. We trust that with the assistance of this aide, you had the option to find out about Windows 11 security settings and how to safeguard your protection in Windows 11. On the off chance that you have any questions or, ideas go ahead and drop them in the remarks area underneath.

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