13 Ways to Fix Apple Maps Not Working

With Apple maps, you can find any spot as the bearings given by the application is so natural to comprehend and follow. After you set the course on the Guides application, then, at that point, Guides begins talking turn-by-go headings to your last objective. Envision, you are making a trip to another spot and out of nowhere your Apple maps quits working, then this present circumstance can truly baffle you. Try not to stress in light of the fact that in this article we will examine how to fix Apple maps not functioning, and Apple Guides not showing map issues and the sky is the limit from there.

How to Fix Apple Maps Not Working

To fix Apple maps not working, or Apple Maps not working today issue, read the methods given by us below:

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Following are a few basic methods to solve the issue.

1A. Restart iPhone

You can fix Apple maps not working issue by deciding on this technique. To determine brief issues, you can restart your gadget. Your gadget gets invigorated from bugs and errors that may be forestalling the Apple maps from not working accurately subsequent to restarting. Peruse our article How to Restart iPhone X to figure out how to restart iPhone.

1B. Force Restart of iPhone

Force restarting your gadget can assist you with fixing the transitory error in the working framework or in the Guides applications itself. Thus, you can evaluate this strategy too, in the event that it doesn’t work for you, then, at that point, you can leap to different techniques examined in this aide. Peruse our canny aide On the best way to Power Restart iPhone X.

1C. Check Apple System Status

Ensure you check Apple’s Framework Status page assuming you are confronting a few issues with the Guides application, since, in such a case that Apple’s web-based administrations are confronting blackouts, then, at that point, all things considered, you can do nothing. By exploring to the Framework Status page you can check the guides show, maps search, and so forth. In the event that there is a green circle before the choices, that shows that the administrations are running and dynamic.

1D. Turn Off Wi-Fi

Have a go at switching off Wi-Fi on your gadget as there can be plausible that your gadget is associated with a remote organization with no web access. Thus, cripple Wi-Fi and let your Apple Guides application utilize the versatile information. To switch off Wi-Fi on your gadget, explore the Settings application, tap on the Wi-Fi choice, and afterward guarantee that it is switched off.

1E. Turn Off Bluetooth

Switch off Bluetooth on your iPhone and afterward sort out whether or not the issue has been settled for you. To switch off Bluetooth go to the control place on your gadget, by swiping down from the upper right corner of your iPhone screen, then flip off Bluetooth.

1F. Toggle off Airplane mode

Make a point to switch off flight mode on your gadget since, in such a case that this is turned on then your iPhone won’t interface with the Apple servers by utilizing the cell organization or Wi-Fi and hence you could confront Apple Guides not showing a guide issue. To switch off flight mode, follow the means referenced beneath: Explore the control place by swiping down from the upper right corner of your iPhone screen. Then, at that point, tap on the Flight mode symbol, on the off chance that it is dark, it implies that standalone mode is off.

Note: In the event that your gadget Flight Mode is now switched off, all things considered, turn it on, hang tight for something like 30 seconds, and after that switch it off once more. By doing this your associations reset.

1G. Restart Maps App

One more quick and fast method for settling Apple Guides not working today issue is by shutting the iPhone map application totally and afterward restarting it once more. To make yourself acquainted with how to restart the Apple maps, read the underneath referenced advances:

1. On iPhone X or the most recent model of iPhone: Swipe upwards from the lower part of your iPhone screen and after that stop at the center of your screen, following that, all the as-of-late utilized applications will be shown.

2. On iPhone 8 or a prior model of iPhone: Double tap the home button to see the as-of-late utilized applications.

3. Thus, all the foundation applications will be noticeable on your screen, swipe up to close the Guides application and afterward open it again following couple of moments.

Method 2: Re-Enable Location Services

Assuming you need the iPhone Guides application ought to work appropriately on your gadget, then guarantee that the area administrations highlight is flipped on your gadget, and on the off chance that it is now on, re-empower it to fix the errors. To re-empower area administrations on your gadget, follow the means given underneath:

1. First, launch the Settings app on your device.

2. Then, tap on the Privacy & Security option, and after that tap on the Location services option.

3. Next, toggle off the location services slider. Then, force restarts your device, and following that toggle on the Location services slider again.

Method 3: Set Date and Time Automatically

To fix the iPhone maps not working issue, guarantee that the date and time settings on your gadget are set to programmed since in such a case that your iPhone’s date and time are erroneous then you can go over this issue. Thus, to figure out how to do this, read the means talked about underneath:

1. First, go to the Settings app, next tap on the General option.

2. Then, tap on the Date & Time option and toggle on the Set Automatically slider.

Method 4: Disable Focus Mode

If your iPhone is in Focus mode, then this can lead to some issues with the Maps app, so disable the focus mode on your iPhone to fix Apple maps’ not working issue. To do so, read below:

1. Launch the Settings app, then tap on the Focus option.

2. Next, choose a Focus preset like Do Not Disturb and disable it.

3. After that, find out if a schedule is set for the Focus, and if this is the case, then disable it.

4. Following that, enable Manual or disable Turn on Automatically, and repeat for other Focus Modes also.

Method 5: Update Carrier Settings

An obsolete transporter setting on your gadget can forestall the Guides application on your gadget from impeccable work. In this way, in such a circumstance, update the transporter settings. Follow the means referenced beneath:

1. Navigate to the Settings app.

2. Then, choose the General option, and tap on About.

3. Hereafter, download and install the update if it is available.

4. After that, restart your iPhone, and then go to the Maps app and ensure it is functioning alright.

Method 6: Re-enable Data Access to Apple Maps

If you wish to opt for this method to fix iPhone Maps not working issue, then follow the given steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and then tap on Maps.

2. Hereafter, disable Cellular Data and force restart your device.

3. Then, disable Wi-Fi and open the Apple Maps app on your iPhone.

4. Next, turn on Cellular Data access for Maps when it demands Data Access.

Method 7: Toggle Off and On Compass Calibration

You may face Apple maps not showing map issues if the compass is not calibrated on your device. To Re-enable Compass Calibration on your iPhone, follow the steps discussed below:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap on Privacy & Security.

2. Next, tap on the Location Services option, and select System Services.

3. Then, toggle off the Compass Calibration slider and force restart your iPhone.

4. Now, toggle on the Compass Calibration slider again.

Method 8: Turn Off the Background App Refresh

To disable the background app refresh, read the given steps.

1. Tap on Settings> General option.

2. Now, tap on Background App Refresh and disable it.

3. After that, navigate to the Maps app and check if it is working all right. If this is the case, then make note of the apps causing the problem for the Apple Maps app by turning on Background App Refresh for the other apps one by one.

Method 9: Re-enable Location Permissions

Try out this method to resolve the issue, you are coming across. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the Apple maps not working issue:

1. Navigate to the iPhone Settings app, then tap on Privacy & Security.

2. Now, select the Location Services option and tap on Maps.

3. Then, under the Allow Location Access heading choose the Ask Next Time option.

4. After that, toggle on Precise Location and then open Apple Maps.

5. Then grant the required permissions if location permission is asked, and then ensure that the issue is fixed.

6. If the issue still persists, then choose the While Using the App option.

Method 10: Reinstall Maps App

Try reinstalling the maps app on your device to resolve the issue. To learn how to do it, read below:

1. First, tap and hold the Maps app icon located on the iPhone home screen.

2. After that, tap on the Remove app option.

3. Next, confirm your choice by tapping on the Delete App option.

4. Then, reinstall the app again from the App store.

Method 11: Reset Location & Privacy

Reset location & Privacy settings on your device to fix Apple Maps Not Working issue. To gain insights on how you can do this, read the steps below:

1. First, go to the iPhone Settings app.

2. Next, tap on the General option.

3. After that, tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

4. Then, tap on Reset> Reset Location & Privacy option.

Method 12: Reset Network Settings

Another method that you could try to fix Apple maps not working issue is this. To reset Network settings on your iPhone, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Navigate to the iPhone Settings app.

2. Hereafter, tap on the General option.

3. Then, tap on the Transfer or Reset iPhone option.

4. Next, tap on Reset > Reset Network Settings option.

Method 13: Factory Reset iPhone

The final retreat that you can choose is to plant reset your iPhone. By plant resetting your gadget, you can fix the Apple maps not working issue. Yet, ensure that you make a reinforcement before you play out an industrial facility reset as the entirety of your information and data will be deleted. To do such, read our article On the most proficient method to Manufacturing plant Reset iPhone X and tackle iPhone Guides’ not working mistake.

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